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Arden: Season 2

Serial Podcast

Created by Emily Vanderwerff, Christopher Dole, and Sara Ghaleb

Original songs created for Season 2 by Laura Stratford (music & lyrics)

Arrangements by Annabelle Revak

What do true crime journalism, skunk apes, and Shakespeare have in common? They all have their place in the podcast “Arden,” which Forbes named one of the Ten Best New Podcasts of the Year in 2018.


Season Two, which was released in July of 2020, follows Dana Hamill, the daughter of a rancher in Elsinore, MT who suspects that something is, well, rotten close to home. Dana likes to express herself through songwriting, and she takes her whirling thoughts to the open mic in town. For this season, I created nine original songs distilling the themes of Hamlet's soliloquies, including "Show 'em I mean Business," (below) which was a top 10 finalist for the AudioVerse Awards for vocal composition.


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